Sunday, March 11, 2012

New lyrics

We like the Barney station on Pandora.  Great kids stuff... the Wiggles, Raffi, and *pause* The Chipettes singing "Single Ladies" by Beyonce?!  I like that song but not necessarily for kids.  I suppose it isn't so bad considering the filth that's out there and she's saying to put a ring on it so yay to even mentioning marriage.  haha!  But still, I made up my own lyrics to the fun beat.

All the hungry babies!  All the hungry babies!
Whoa oh oh Cheerios.  Whoa oh oh Cheerios.
If you like then you oughta put some milk in it.
over and over a million times.
Just like the song.
The kids thought I was hilarious.  And Vienna is encouraging me to make a video & post it on YouTube.  HAHA!
I feel like Weird Al.

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Andrea said...

That is so funny!!! I love it.