Monday, March 26, 2012

The mom jeans

Ladies and gentlemen... I figured it out!  I know WHY women wear the infamous MOM JEANS!  
I know, I know... we all joke about it.  Just watch this funny commercial from Saturday Night Live:

Laughs aside, I really do get it!  Here's the thing...  We keep clothes from before we started having kids because for some bizarre reason we hope to fit in them again.  So when we finally DO lose the weight, we slide into them with a new confidence.. til we see a pic of our backside.

Exhibit A:
Photo taken May 2008
This was me 4 years ago.  And I bought those capris almost 10 years ago.  I loved them so much I have them in green, khaki and baby blue.  And I must confess I wore them again this weekend!

Exhibit B:

March 2012
They don't even work from the front!
WHY?!  Why do we do this to ourselves??!!
My theory.  It's not just a lack of style.  It's a lack of TIME and money!
Sure I can find time to shop but that's only if I try on 30 pairs of pants to find that lucky ONE!  Stars have to be aligned for me to handle this physically and emotionally.
Nevermind the money factor.  If I had $30 to spare I tend to spend it on crafty stuff or take out.  Ohhhh to not prepare a meal is SUCH a treat!
See!?  It's far easier to put up with our old ugly outdated pants!

New proclamation:
I will give my old outdated capris away.  *clenched lips* - Did i just say that out loud?
Ladies join me!  Even if you think that one day you'll fit into your old clothes, it DOESN'T MATTER!  They are outdated and make you look worse.  So get rid of them!  Once these babies come out of the wash, I'm going to hug them and thank them for giving me a gauge to see the weight I've lost/toned but for the sake of all things cool and hip, they are going OUT the door!

I will NOT be the "butt" of the joke.  *snort laugh*


Amy said...

Hahahaha! That was so well written! Can I get an amen to getting rid of the mom jeans, lol

Amy said...

Hahahaha! That was so well written! I am burning my mom jeans as soon as I pop out this little one :-)

c.w.frosting said...

LOLOL, I don't have kids yet but hopefully will remember SNL when the time comes =)