Friday, February 3, 2012

What?! Another change?

I've been such a good girl training for my 5K.  I wanted to get in shape and setting a goal was just what I needed.  I always knew exercise was good for me but to actually DO IT was another thing!  I've been working out for a month now and I've noticed a big change in something this week.  I literally get EXHAUSTED every afternoon.  I crash hard.  Not the normal "I have 3 kids" kind I was used to but the - I'm so exhausted I'm getting headaches, am moody, get clumsy and don't even care about Facebook exhausted *gasp*!!!  Now that is tired!  It's been frustrating.  I thought exercising was suppose to give you MORE energy.

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So I checked in with an educated fitness/nutritionist friend and she said I need more protein.  Oooo I sound like such an athlete now needing protein.  But seriously, my body is working differently and I can't function on the junk food I've been consuming!  My high sugar, grab and go food lifestyle has got to change.  It's been on my "to do" list along with many other areas I need to improve so I find it interesting to see this domino effect.  

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Marisa said...

Make small simple changes and it will happen! Diet change is the hardest to do, I struggle with it all the time. Start small like swap out cereal for oatmeal (made with milk)with blueberries. Or Whole wheat pancakes with an egg.Just my two cents. OH Peanut butter on toast is another good one.