Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Decor

Considering my bins of Christmas decorations haven't yet made it to the attic, I hadn't even thought of decorating for Valentine's Day.  But I went to my friend's house (who is a master at home decor) and decided that I had to do SOMETHING.  I printed and framed "Love one another" and that's in the livingroom -  sorry no pic.  I grabbed a couple empty frames, scrapbook paper, a heart punch and alpha stickers.  Here are our initials:

 Here are the frames on my little shelf in my diningroom.

I sprinkled a few more hearts on my table and that's it.  Valentine Decor done.

I know my table spread isn't anything fancy and will never get pinned by anyone (shout out to Pinterest! haha) but I wanted to say that just a touch of effort and fun can totally change the vibe of a home.  I don't want to have bins of decorations for every holiday but I DO want to make my home warm and inviting and I think these simple things do the trick.  At least it makes my kids happy and that's DEFINITELY worth it.

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pollyandaleczmom said...

So much more than made it to my shelves and table! Good job.