Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Movie review: Courageous

Many of my friends are talking about the movie Courageous.  In fact our church is showing it this weekend but since we can't make it, we got it thru Netflix and watched it Monday night.  It is good to have a Christian movie but man, the acting and writing is so corny.  But still, the message was EXCELLENT!  It's nice to watch a movie about men stepping up to be men of integrity and better dads! (some bad acting aside).

I think the best part was the awesome speech given at the end.  I just googled the words and here they are:

As a law enforcement officer I have seen first-hand the deep hurt and devastation that fatherlessness brings in a child’s life. Our prisons are full of men and women who have lived recklessly after being abandoned by their fathers. Wounded by the men who should have loved them the most. Many of these children now follow the same pattern of irresponsibility that their fathers did. While so many mothers have sacrificed to help their children survive They were never intended to carry the weight alone. We thank God for them, but research is proving that a child also desperately needs a daddy. There’s no way around this fact. As you know earlier this year my family endured the tragic lose of our nine year old daughter, Emily. Her death forced me to realize, that not only had I not taken advantage of the priceless time I had with her, but I did not truly understand how crucial my role was as a father to her and my son Dillen. Since her passing I’ve ask God to show me through His Word how to be the father I need to be.I know believe that God desires for every father to courageously step up and do whatever it takes to be involved in the lives of his children. But more than just being there providing for them. He’s to walk with them through their young lives and be a visual representation of the character of God, their father in heaven. A father should love his children and seek to win their hearts. He should protect them, discipline them and teach them about God. He should model how to walk with integrity and treat others with respect. He should call out his children to become responsible man and women who live their lives for what matters in eternity.Some men will hear this and mock it… or ignore it… But I tell you as a father you are accountable to God for the position of influence He has given you. You can’t fall asleep at the wheel. Only to wake up one day and realize that your job or your hobbies have no eternal value but the souls of your children do.Some men will hear this and agree with it… but have no resolve to live it out. Instead they will live for themselves and waste the opportunity to leave a Godly legacy for the next generation. But there are some men… who regardless of the mistakes we’ve made in the past… regardless of what our fathers did NOT do for us… will give the strength of our arms and the rest of our days to loving God with all that we are and to teach our children to do the same. And when ever possible to love and mentor others who have no father in their lives but who desperately need help and direction. And we are inviting any man who’s heart is willing and courageous to join us in this resolution. In my home the decision has already been made. You don’t have to ask who will guide my family; because by God’s grace, I WILL!!  You don’t need to ask, Who will teach my son to follow Christ? Because, I WILL! Who will accept the responsibility for providing and protecting my family? I WILL!! Who will ask God to break the chains of destructive patterns in my family’s history? I WILL! Who will pray for and bless my children to boldly pursue whatever God calls them to do? I AM THEIR FATHER, I WILL!  I accept this responsibility and it is my privilege to embrace it. I want the favor of God and His blessing on my home. Any good man does. So where are you men of courage? Where are you fathers, who fear the Lord? It’s time to rise up and follow the call that God has given to you, and to say, I WILL! I WILL! I WILL!

That speech was SO GOOD!  Also, in the movie the dads signed a resolution with promises to their family.  It's definitely a great idea.  Here's is the resolution which you can get thru their website.

Overall, I do recommend Courageous.  It's a great movie about family values that are getting lost today.  But don't say I didn't warn you about the acting and cheese factor!  ha!

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In Light of the Truth... said...

It was nice to watch such a GOOD movie! Very encouraging! The Resolution document is actually available at Walmart too.