Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Cozi calendar

In a previous post I talked about decluttering my mind.  Someone commented (thanks Merlin whoever you are! LOL) and suggested the Cozi Calendar.  I looked into it and it is awesome!  Jay and I have been using it for a couple weeks now and LOVE IT!
Basically it's a web based system with a free downloadable app for our iPhone.  (So you can log into the site from a PC too.)  But what I love is that whatever changes Jay makes on his phone, automatically are updated on MINE!  No more forgetting when he's working late or when he's working the weekend!  It's great with the kids' activities too.  You can easily set reoccurring things like cheerleading practice.
Here is a peek at our calendar.  You can assign each family member a color to making viewing easy.

And our fav part!  The grocery list section!!  Jay always called me after work to see if I needed anything.  Now I just add stuff to our Cozi list and he doesn't have to grab a pen.  It's so easy!

It's funny that I was told about Cozi after writing about decluttering my mind and my to do list, and we don't even use it for that!  I decided to use Microsoft Outlook's tasks list.  I've always loved that program and been using it for a long time.  But a synchronized calendar was def something we wanted anyway!  So thanks again Merlin for the great tip!  Passing it on!

12/30/12 - EDIT - Wanted to say that we still use Cozi and it is SO EASY to use.  I highly recommend this system.  Both my husband and I have iPhones and I use Cozi from my home computer too and it's kept us very organized.  Cozi emails the calendar each week too so you have a week at a glance.  This has reminded me ahead of time of things I've forgotten!  5 stars!!!

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Lynn Wallace said...

Thanks for sharing Mary!
I'm really hoping this helps us. I already got it on both of our phones :) We tried Google Calendar but found the "sharing" part it to be confusing!