Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Gentleness Challenge

In my last post I mentioned that I can't pass on to my kids what I myself don't possess, specifically bible knowledge.  I've been reading an EXCELLENT e-book called:  "True Christian Motherhood" by June Fuentes.  I found out about this book thru the Raising Homemakers blog, which is a wonderful resource that I don't take nearly enough time to tap into.  (In fact, I subscribe to many blogs and usually just skim over them because of time.)  I only got the book because it was summarized here and it sounded good plus it was on sale.  I've been slowly reading thru it, and each time find so many great nuggets.  I highly recommend it.  And I highly recommend the blog to moms with girls!  

But back to the book.  Here's a great chapter just for me: Distracted Christian Mothers, chapter 8.  It reads:
"Staying home is not enough, we must pour ourselves into our children--disciplining and shepherding them and not wasting our precious time.  As we do this, we must reject feeble time-wasting indulgences this side of the world so that they can live their lives purposefully and on mission for God."

How am I doing this??  Do I reject time-wasting indulgences like Facebook, blog reading, etc?  How am I guiding my kids to live for God?  

And the question that got me in chapter 10 on Christian Instruction in the Home:  "Why is it in modern America, we will spend the time to mentor someone at church but not think twice to mentor our own children?"

That really got me.  I couldn't help but think about the times I prepared lessons for Sunday School, devotions for Military Moms, homework for bible studies or even the time I take to post here.  I do not take time to prepare or teach my kids with PURPOSE here at home.  So this past weekend, I decided to tell Vienna that we were going to do a daily bible study together.  I told her so she will hold me accountable.  We are using God's Little Princess Devotional by Sheila Walsh and have sat together twice so far.  (If you remember this book, I bought it for her birthday last year.  9 months ago and we only read it once.  Pathetic.)  But things are different now.  I am highly motivated.  And I am excited to be my daughter's mentor.  
So far it's been a good time.  I am getting that quality time with my girl that I've been wanting.  We haven't just done the study and jumped up... we've been lingering and talking.  I showed her how to look up a bible reference. And I explained how the bible is made of the old & new testaments and what that meant.  She asked me why we say 'amen' after we pray - great question!  I am sad that I haven't taken the time before now to teach these things but I am definitely happy that we are doing this now.  And I am MOTIVATED!

But there is so much more that I want to pass on to my kids.  I want to pass on certain qualities to them too.  I want to be a model of how God wants us to be.... patient, slow to anger, loving and joyful.  I want my kids to see Christ in ME!  I don't want them to see cranky Mommy who yells because I am quick to anger, unloving and angry.  Or a distracted Mommy with her facing looking at a computer screen all day.  Courtney over at Women Living Well posted a perfect-for-Mary challenge today.  Just click on the blog to read about it.  She words it so well.  So I have committed to being a gentler mommy.  She's going to post videos each Monday and other than that I don't know what it entails but I signed up!  haha!  I just love accountability.  I was already better tonight!  

We don't have long with our precious babies before they grow up and are gone.  So I just want to make sure that I am using this precious time effectively.  If any of you read this and are challenged to join me for a gentler January, please let me know!


Answeredprayr said...

What a wonderful blessing you will be to your children. I agree...time flies by way too fast. Someone once told me...the ONLY thing you can take with you when you die is your children...shouldn't your investment into them be even more desirable than any other? I will pray for your time with your children and for a more gentle demeanor. ~Darcie

Kathy said...

great post Mary! I am right there with ya!!!