Monday, January 9, 2012

Gentleness challenge check in

It's week 2 of the Gentleness Challenge over at Women Living Well.  I am so glad I decided to jump on board with this challenge (read about it here) because I really have remembered my promise in the heat of things!  (Although not always and have much improving to do.  BUT!  I will say, I have done better BECAUSE of this challenge!)  
New this week she suggests we whisper when we feel like screaming and although I have already done that before, I def need to do it more!  And not thru clenched teeth.  It is a great tip!  Courtney gives us two verses to remember and I am going to write out and commit them to memory too.
I loved her analogy of a tree that clings onto dead leaves all thru the winter until the new growth pushes them off in the Spring.  I love trees and I love analogies.  And as a mom, I'm holding on to dead things like anger and control and definitely want to shed them as I grow! 

Man that was a good one!  So encouraged!

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