Monday, January 23, 2012

Couch to 5K update

I just did the week 4, day 2 of the C25K workout tonight and wanted to document my progress.  I was running every other day til just this weekend.  I took Sat and Sun off.  I was just super tired yesterday and didn't feel like running.  Tonight when I got on the treadmill, I still didn't feel like doing it.  So I slowed my speed down to 4.0 from the 5.0 I was running the past couple workouts.  It took me about 18min to finally get some energy and I finished the workout much better than when I started.  I am just so happy that I'm sticking with something!

I blogged about Jan.2-10 here.
Jan.2.  1.6 miles in 30min
Jan.4. 1.7 miles in 31min
Jan.6. 1.8miles
Jan.8. 1.89 miles in 31.18min
Jan.10 1.998 miles in 31.23min

Since then here are my stats:
Jan.12th was a big day!  2.05 miles in 31.12min!!!  

THIS was an exciting milestone for me.  Getting to two miles in ONE workout!!  I used my treadmill last year to get in shape but never did stick with it.  During those times on the treadmill, I never got to 2 miles.  I didn't follow any sort of plan then.  Just tried to get as far as I could in a half hour.  So I was very excited to see 2 miles on the screen!!
Jan.14. 1.87 miles in 28.09min. I was surprised that I ran at 3min intervals without stopping.  Woot woot!  This program is awesome!
Jan.16. 1.84 miles in 28.08min. I didn't go as far as last time. But I wasn't functioning at 100%. I yawned a lot, got side pain and just felt sluggish. I had visions of falling off the treadmill and skinning my legs on the conveyor belt. 
Jan.18. 1.85 miles in 28.08min.
Jan.20. 2.166 miles in 31.37min.
Jan.23. 1.910 miles in 31.50min. (Per above I slowed my speed tonight.  As long as I'm going I'm happy!)

Registration finally opened for my March 5K.  I am going to register tomorrow!  WOOT WOOT!

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Kathy said...

woohoo! Congrats, you're doing awesome!