Saturday, December 17, 2011


With all the hype, I was never interested in Twilight because 1.  I don't read/watch horror/vampire stuff and 2. The movies looked cheesy and I wasn't interested in an over the top teenage romance with dumb computer generated wolves.
But a couple months ago Twilight (the first movie) was on TV.  Jay was working late and I was just flicking the channels looking for something entertaining.  I missed the first 10 minutes but immediately got drawn into the story.  It had been awhile since I watched a great movie and I was hopeful.  I can't tell you how many movies I turned OFF because of too much unnecessary vulgarity, nudity or love scenes.  Finally I was lost in a fantasy world that was just a good story.  The tension between the two main characters was interesting and it was a nice escape - finally! The good vampires eat animals and although there were some dark parts because something bad had to happen - it's a movie!, it was overall really good.  Proof that cursing and sex stuff are not necessary to tell a story.
After watching the first movie, a friend suggested we go to the theatre together for #4, Breaking Dawn.  But I had to catch up and watch the 2nd, New Moon and the 3rd, Eclipse first.  So I ordered the movies on Netflix and quickly caught up.  After I saw all the films (still one more to go next year) I was talking to another friend about Twilight and how I wanted to read the books because I heard they were better.  She owned them so lent them to me and I whipped thru all 4 books in a month.  Of course the books were better.  They gave so much more info about the characters.  I don't dislike Jacob as much anymore.  ha!
If you agreed with my first impression about Twilight but really want a good story, then I recommend both the books and the movies, although the books are far better.  Much better details of what's doing on in Bella's head and sooooo good!  And slightly addicting.  But then again, that's how I read fiction.  I wish I had that same desire when it came to all my parenting and devotion books!


Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh Mary, I had the exact same thoughts/feelings about the books and movies. :) I started with the books first though, because I was bored and was done with school. I read them in August and was done for!! I didn't want to watch the movies because I was afraid they would ruin it for me (because I really enjoyed the books) but they didn't. I am NOT into scary movies, gore, etc and these didn't have that. I enjoyed them also because they were easy reads and like you said brought you into a fantasy world. :) So glad I'm not the only one!!

Kathy said...

I loved the books, the movies have been OK, haven't seen the newest one yet. I LOOOOOOOVE Jacob, I think he's SO much cuter than Edward and totally wished she had chosen Jacob ... hahahaha. And yeah, never in a million years did I think I'd get drawn into these books! LOL

Mary said...

I watched the movies first and never understood why Jacob ever felt he'd even get a chance with Bella. So I saw him as arrogant and pushy and felt he crossed the lines far too often. But after reading the books, I understood him better. But Edward all.the.way for me. Kathy... you're a little biased anyway... preferring the Native dude. haha! *wink*

In Light of the Truth... said...

I am very much a Twilight fan and last month my girlfriends and I went through all the previous ones again before going to the one in the theater. I am a Jacob fan all the way!!!!! Very cute and gentle and warm and Bella wouldn't have to change or lose her family to be with him!