Friday, December 2, 2011

I fixed a zipper!

I love paper, not sewing/clothing projects, but man, I might have started something!  (Watching Project Runway might have paid off!)  I bought Vienna a used Lands End coat for $10 from a consignment shop.  Sadly after washing it, we saw that the zipper slider was broken!  No little tab.  I couldn't take it back because it had been too long and I didn't have the original tag so I decided to fix it.  

I searched videos on YouTube and decided to go with what this guy suggested.  The video is soooo long and really poorly done but hey, it worked!  It's how to swap out the zipper slider, instead of ripping out and replacing the whole sewn in zipper.

To get the broken part off, I had to slide it up and off the TOP of the teeth of the zipper while the coat was unzipped.  There was a little plastic piece I had get off first.  (This piece keeps your zipper pull on when the jacket is undone.)  Really tricky and I couldn't get it all off.  Jay actually broke it off.

The new zipper was only $2 at Joann Fabrics and man was it fun dreaming in the store that day!  This zipper just had a little metal clasp (instead of that impossible plastic) on the top that I bent with a tool and pulled off.  Once that was off, I was able to get the slider off.  

Back to the coat.  Like I said, the plastic at the top was hard to get completely and the new slider wouldn't fit.  So I cut a little slit and fed the new slider on the teeth.

I think I better go back and put a stitch or two at the top where I cut the little slit so V doesn't lose her zipper.  But look:  I did it!  I fixed a zipper!

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Mary said...

Ok I didn't take enough photos to explain this process well so if you are really interested, then you'll have to watch the same tutorial I did! (Link above.)