Monday, December 26, 2011

Hair straightener

I just discovered something in the past couple months that many have been using forEVER... the hair straightener.  I never used one because dah!  I have straight hair!  Why would I need one?  I thought they were for people who had curly or wavy hair.  But no!  THEY CONTROL FRIZZZZZZZ! and give me a nicer sleeker look.  Look how shiny my hair looks afterwards too!
When I wear my hair short, the ends always flip in different directions.  Next time I go short, I know I can use my hair straightener to help with that, rather than a dumb curling iron that takes forever to heat up and doesn't work as well.  (You can curl your hair with a straightener too but I haven't learned that one yet.)
I didn't buy a high end model, just a Remington one from Target because with such fine hair, I use the lowest setting.  Anywho... that's my little tip for other people in the world who might live under a rock like mine!  A hair straightener for a straight haired girl!  Imagine!  

PS. I didn't use product on this particular day but a friend recommended a spray to protect hair from heat damage.  :o)


Kales said...

I bought one about a year ago and use it from time to time.

In Light of the Truth... said...

I LOVE using a hair straightner! Like you said, it's always turned my hair from frizzy to smooth and shiny and helped my thick hair seem thinner because it makes it so silky. Love it! Now that my hair is shorter, the curling iron seems to work better just because my straightner is so wide. Happy straightening! =)

Tracey said...

I just got one for Christmas too. Did my hair last night to learn how and I love it. Got the InStyler... mostly hair-doofus proof!