Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Morning Girls

So earlier this year a friend of mine told me about Good Morning Girls.  It is an online bible study and you email people in your group each day (M-F) to touch base.  It's a great tool to help with accountability.  I decided NOT to do it because I didn't want to add to my time online.  Plus my kids woke me up early and there was no way I could commit to that.  Besides that, I attended a weekly bible study at my church.  So I was all set.

But it came up again.  As things do when it's something God wants me to do.  I went online and saw that a new study was starting in January and it was on Ephesians which is what we're about to go through in my weekly study at church.  (I hear ya God!)  I haven't been good at DAILY time in God's word so I decided to put it on Facebook to see if any friends were interested.  A few were so we now have a group going!  I am excited to see how it works, and if it will hold me accountability and give me that extra push to get up and start my day right.  I am committed to making better choices in my day, starting with God! 

2011 was a year of simplifying and working on my marriage.  I can say that there has been great progress in those areas.  2012 will be a year of Mary's spiritual growth.  I can NOT pass on to my kids, what I myself do not possess.  So that is my goal.  Not a resolution - cause I'd just break that!  But a goal!  Something to work towards.

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