Sunday, November 13, 2011

Women of Faith part 2

When I went to Women of Faith, I didn't recognize the other speaker's names aside from Angie Smith.  When I got home I went online to read their bios, because I definitely got some great take away tidbits from all the women and wanted to know who they were!  Turns out I did know some of the organizations they were associated with and I have the Gigi, God's Princess DVD and devotion book by Sheila Walsh!  Sometimes I am slow with connections when names seem familiar!  Dah!

Lisa Harper spoke first and she is a great speaker.  She made me laugh, a lot!  She shared about her history of abuse and how she kept her heart guarded because of it.  She never married and always wanted to be a momma.  She is involved is a ministry that helps young girls who are recovering from addictions and she's on the path to adopting a baby girl thru one of those relationships.  I was in tears hearing her story and just how faithful God is, in His time.  She said a couple things that I loved:
God would rather DIE than live without us.  (enter Jesus!)
She impressed me when she had Psalm 139 memorized.  Loved how she delivered it.
And for people in tough times:  "God designed you for more than this."
All great reminders of His love!

Sheila Walsh is from Scotland and I could listen to her all day with her beautiful voice.  She said that we can anchor our souls in God's promises.  The bible doesn't change!  She was treated very badly by her dad and totally enlightened me with this statement:  People going through rage take their anger out on the people they're closest to because they know that those people will love them no matter what.
Many parents wonder why their teens treat them so badly and I thought that was insightful.  And the last quote I love was: "Guilt tells me I did something wrong.  Shame tells me I am something wrong."  Great perspective.

Nicole Johnson is an author, performer and speaker.  She shared her own personal story first and later shared a motivational piece called "The Invisible Woman" which I found on YouTube... click HERE to watch it.  What I liked about it was the thought that builders of cathedrals long ago would work hard on projects that they never saw to completion.  The project went beyond their lifespan.  So how selfless is that job and who'd sign up nowadays for that kind of work?  We live in a different world, that's for sure.  She ties that story to our lives as mothers and wives, doing seemingly unimportant work like laundry and dishes day after day.  But the big picture is pretty awesome.  Just watch the video if you have a chance.  It's 5 minutes long so if you don't want to watch it, here is a written summary on her website. It really spoke to me.
Her ministry is called Fresh Brewed Life and I love analogies.  She said that when people offer you a cup of coffee, they aren't thirsty... they want to spend time with you.  It's a invitation.  Warm and inviting.  Love this because when someone offers me coffee, I hear the message: I have time to sit with you.  Big message in such a simple gesture and I never thought of it like that before.  Makes me want to be better about offering coffee!
She talked a lot about anger and that's definitely an area I'm working on.  She said that anger is buried alive.  Anger is not buried dead.  She said anger is like a check engine light so ask yourself 3 things when angry:
1.  Where does it hurt?
2.  Where I have I compromised myself?
3.  Am I mad at God?
All great things to think about to deal with the anger in my life.

Luci Swindoll  was the oldest speaker and there was just something about her voice that drew me in and held my attention.  She is an amazing story teller and she stressed the importance of living to our full potential.  She repeated the line: "I did it because nobody told me not to." quite a bit thru her talk so that's what stuck!

It was so great to hear these ladies speak and I just listened with an open heart to whatever they had to teach.  They clearly are on the Women of Faith team for a reason!  They are so talented.  I have a few more books to add to my "must read" list!

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Kales said...

Thanks for posting this! 'I did it because no one td me not to' that's powerful! Explains so many things in today's society and shouts out to me that we need to be very clear with our kids.