Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Review: Bringing Up Girls

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I LOVE THIS BOOK!  Anyone with daughters should read it.  I love that Dobson writes as a psychologist and Christian.  I love reading about the biochemical make up of people and how estrogen vs testosterone plays a vital role in who we are as people.  And I love being inspired and encouraged as my husband and I raise our children with Christian morals and in the faith.  

I really had so much to say about this book but as I started I realized there is just too much.  Here are some quotes: 

Why he chose this title:  “It assumes that parents have the responsibility of not simply overseeing the growth and development of their girls (and boys) but of raising them purposely – building into them certain qualities and traits of character.” Page 2

“how could we send them into a dangerous world without laying a secure foundation to hold them steady?” P.4

“A longing for love and connectedness lies deep within their feminine souls.” P.11

Advice for dads:
“I urge all parents, but especially fathers, to work at building your daughter’s self-concept throughout her childhood.  Tell her she is pretty every chance you get.  Hug her.  Compliment her admirable traits.  Build her confidence by giving her your time and attention.  Defend her when she is struggling.  And let her know that she has a place in your heart that is reserved only for her.  She will never forget it.” P.21

“... good parenting almost always requires sacrifice.  Childhood lasts for only a brief moment, but it should be given priority while it is passing before your eyes.  Watch your kids carefully.  Think about what they are feeling, and consider the influences they are under.  Then do what is best for them” P.21

“...children are worth everything they cost us.” P.22

 “Women not only talk more, but their enjoyment in coversation is far more intense. ... It is why teen girls are obsessed with text messaging and computer chat rooms.” P.33

And then I had to stop!  Really who would read my post if it was super long filled with quotes.  Besides what speaks to me may not apply to someone else's life so READ THE BOOK!  hehe

I so desire to be a good mom and can't do it alone.  As I raise my kids, I draw on God's strength and wisdom.  I am so selfish and angry on my own.  Books like this really give me perspective and help me work towards the goal of being the Mom I want to be.  It's eye opening, explaining why girls whine, are dramatic, clicky, etc.  Rather than dread all the issues that come with raising a girl, I want to embrace them and understand how to guide my daughter along the way.  I want a loving relationship with my girl, not a battlefield.  I want my home to be a safe haven for her from the world.  Lots of great stuff in this book.
I highly recommend it?  And there is one for boys too.  Bringing Up Boys also by Dr. James Dobson.  

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