Friday, October 14, 2011

Thirty-One Gifts

A friend of mine Stephanie, sells Thirty-Ones Gifts.  Here is a link to her site.
They have the BEST bags and organizers.  Some women are shoes girls, but I am totally a bag girl!!!  Can't get organized enough!  Here is the "organizing utility tote".  I LOVE this bag!  It's my everyday bag right now. 

12 inch ruler to show the size

I have my small purple purse in there along with Colin's diaper bag, etc.  It's holds a lot nevermind the pockets along the outside.
See!  All that was in there!

You can get most of their stuff personalized, which I love.  I bought this bag with the intention of using it for my cardmaking supplies when I go out, but I just love the bag so much I use it all the time.  I stamp "Made by Mary" on the back of my cards which explains this:

For the month of October, this bag is $7 when you spend $31.  OMWord!  GIDDY!

I also love this Picnic Thermal Tote, which I use a lot, especially in the summer.  It kept drinks cool in the hot hot van.  It also is large enough to fit enough food for five.  I love the shape because it fit so well on the floor behind the passenger seat.  

The strap is adjustable so there were times it was over my shoulder and other times I slung it when I had a lot to carry.  We used it for our road trips too and it fit nicely up front when our van was packed to the max.

There's my ruler again just to show the size.  Lots of space!

And the third bag that I currently own is this large utility tote.  It holds BOTH of the other bags.  The pattern I got is discontinued but they have lots of coordinating patterns/fabric like this.  LOVE LOVE it!  I used this "Newman Monkeys" bag when we travelled and it made things so much easier.  I'd tell Jay and the kids to look in the "Newman Monkeys" bag or the "Made by Mary" bag when they were looking for something.  I really love the personalization!

I just had to share a couple of my fav bags.  I've had a few people comment on them and really want to tell more people about them!  haha.  There is an online catalog and it's organized by patterns and then the back has a photo index of all the items.  Not all the bags come in all the fabrics because some are soft, hard or waterproof.  So don't be too overwhelmed if you check it out.

I am NOT selling this stuff, I swear!  If I ever did a home business, it'd probably be Stampin Up!  ha!  So just passing along some info about a company I love.

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