Monday, October 10, 2011

A family weekend

It's a holiday weekend with PERFECT weather for just about anything you'd want to do.  And what did the Newmans do?  Nothing super exciting to blog about.  But what I did want to blog about is that after seeing all the pics on Facebook:  families apple picking, doing corn mazes, tractor rides, going to the beach (it was that warm today), BBQs, concerts, shopping, etc... our weekend was awesome anyway.
Saturday we went out to get our photos professionally done.
Sunday we went to church.
And today, Monday, we didn't even start the car.  We stayed home
See... nothing seasonal and fun.  Nothing exciting.
But you know what?  Sometimes you just got to stay home and keep life simple.  Sometimes chores and housework beckon.  Sometimes you just need a nap on a sunny day.  And sometimes you just gotta stay home and let your baby actually get both his morning and afternoon nap!

But we did have a fire last night.  Our first one in the fire pit that was waiting for months.

And we did eat on the deck tonight for the first time yet in 2011.  (Did you notice it's October?)

I just wanted to say that sometimes we can get caught up with what everyone else is doing that to stay home sounds so pathetic.  There are no grand photos.  No special events this time.  Just every day life here.
And I thought I'd just share that.  Because as we post our BEST and most FUN events, some might not realize that there are a lot of normal plain Jane kinda days too.

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Kathy said...

I think it sounds like a wonderful weekend!