Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I listened to an excellent broadcast today about PMS on FamilyTalk radio.  There were two parts, each about 22min.  (I love listening to these in the van!!!)  This two parter was an insightful discussion about PMS.  I like how the guest Lorraine Pintus described estrogen as energy and progesterone as peace... and how they hit a low 3 or 4 days before you get your period which is why it's tough for women AND their families.  They discuss symptoms and strategies to cope.  I HIGHLY recommend it if you suffer in any way!  Again the link is here.

Here is a poem by Lorraine Pintus found on her website.

The Crowd that is Me
Within this body live many women
There's one that is holy and one that is sinnin'
One woman signs loudly with shouts of praises
Another spreads fear for rage that she raises

One wife is gracious, selfless and kind
Another is toxic and out of her mind
One mother is gentle and stunningly wise
Another is foolish even in her own eyes

The woman that emerges depends on one thing
The nature of her hormones and the height of her swing