Monday, August 8, 2011

Maid of honor speech

Yes I know I am married and was the 'matron of honor' in my sister's wedding but 'maid of honor' just sounds better!  Here we are getting ready!
I wanted to post my speech so I can remember it.  I had it written out but did wander slightly from what is here, but this is the jist of it.  It was a beautiful day - couldn't have asked for better weather.  Congrats Robyn and Dave.  Love you guys!!!


Hi Everyone:  For those who don't know me, I am Mary, Robyn's older sister.  For those of you who do know me, don't worry... I won't talk too long.  I wrote it down to make sure I don't ramble!

I am stunned to even be standing here.  My little sister Robyn is married!  It seemed like yesterday that she was born.  We are 10 years apart.  I'm the older one in case you couldn't tell.  When we were younger, she was my little doll.  I dressed her up, put and put make up on her.  So I take full credit for the girly girl we all know as our Robyn!

I can't take any credit though to how amazing she turned out.  She is now a grown married woman and I am proud to call her my sister and friend.  And I'm excited to share this day with her and all of you guys who are important to her.

Robyn:  I pray that you will remember the vows you made today each and every day.  I promise to remind you of them when times are tough and stand by you and Dave and this little family you are starting. And I have some advice for you.  The man you are marrying today is the man he will always be.  You can not change him.  No woman in the course of history has changed her man.  He will leave whiskers in the sink when he shaves.  He will leave the toilet seat up.  He will leave laundry on the floor next to the laundry basket.  He will empty his pockets and leave change and junk on the coffee table, the counter and all over the house.  And when you talk to him, he may not be listening.  Men do not care about the details of your day.  They just want the quick summary.  So tell the details to a girl friend and just tell him the quick of it.  They don't care.  They really don't.

Davey Crockett:  Thank you for treating my sister so well.  You love her EXACTLY the way she needs to be loved.  But I have some advice for you too.  Your marriage will grow apart with time.  Unless you work at it.  Guard your heart and work on your marriage.  And love Robyn for who she is today.  Because she will nag.  She will be emotional.  She will be unreasonable.  She is woman.  Hear her roar.   You need to adapt and overcome and love the crazy.  It'll make you a better man.  As Frank Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond said to his son: "Didn't I teach you anything?  You gotta problem with your woman you don't go out and get another one.  Then you got two problems."

I pray that both of you would not take life too seriously.  And don't whatever you do EVER EVER! suggest taking a break, or needing to cool off, or sleeping at your mom's or separate or divorce. This life you are living is a choice.  It's done. Deal with it.  And Marriage can be really awesome too.  You two can love eachother and build eachother up in a way that no one else can.

Robyn and Dave:  I am so happy for you both and happy to share this day with you.  A day you made a deeper commitment to one another.  If you have glass please raise it.  Congratulations as you start the next chapter of your lives. To Robyn and Dave!!