Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sorting socks and organizers!

I read about a brilliant idea over at I'm a Lazy Mom's blog and finally am going to start doing it!  She suggests giving each child one of those mesh laundry bags for lingerie for their socks.  I have always used dollar store ones for my bras but Target sells ones that are larger, like this:
12" ruler for scale.

I bought three last night and I'm going to use it for socks AND underwear!  (I can do this while they are young and have little feet and butts!)  This will save so much time sorting (the boys are 3 years apart and their socks are already hard to tell apart).  I'm excited about so many little pieces confined to one space!
Target has a great selection of home organizers.  Here is the packaging up close.  I found them in the section by the laundry hampers.

They're in the same aisle as these shoe bags that I use for crafting supplies:

 And near the jewelry holders that I use for my embellishments.  I love this line of organizers!!!

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Stacey said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Just an FYI: I've found that the lingerie bags from Walmart hold up better (I started off with Target ones too).

The Lazy Mom