Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lightning strikes!

**EDIT**  Sorry the pics didn't work.  Should be ok now!

We had some excitement yesterday afternoon! The sky was overcast but there were no thunderstorms. I was upstairs in my office on the phone and Jay was downstairs in the kitchen. The kids were sleeping. Suddenly there was a LOUD boom followed by the rumble of thunder.  My phone went dead so I knew lightning hit or something exploded. I ran downstairs to Jay and he was looking out our back door and we saw smoke rising all around our house.  My adrenalin started pumping!  He went outside to check things out and I ran back upstairs to check on the kids. Then I went outside to join Jay. We found that our garage door was damaged:
The metal frame around our door was all bent up!  Pieces were scattered in our yard.  We thought lightening must have hit the top of our house and went thru exiting here. We went back inside to check in the attic for damage but there were no signs of anything.
We had power but our phone, internet and cable were not working.
I called the fire department rather than 911 because we weren't in danger but we wanted someone to come inspect things.  This was also a good idea for our insurance claim.  
I always thought that it was a waste of paper to print phone books but this baby sure came in handy while my internet was down.  (Note to self:  Keep your cell phone charged at all times.  I had to keep it plugged in while making my calls because the battery was just about dead.  So glad we had power!!)
The light bulbs broke inside and outside our garage.  And the door on the left won't open.
The Fire Marshall came and so did a firetruck.  When the firefighter got out, Lance exclaimed:  "A real one!"
They said that the lightening hit in the woods, travelled in the ground and exited at our garage door.  Sure enough, we figured out exactly where it travelled... The previous owners had an electric fence (cord in the ground) that ran all through the woods and along the nature trail Jay made for the kids.  It was not connected anymore and the end of the cord was just dangling unattached to anything in the garage.  
Jay and Lance went out to explore.  Here's Lance posing next to the charred line from the explosion!  (It's running from his left foot towards the camera.)
More charred marks... amazing!  (From the rock and towards the camera)
The plastic casing on the wire was in pieces all over the place.  The wire itself vaporized!
Jay found craters from the blast!  If you look closely (click on the pics to enlarge), you can see green plastic and exposed tree roots.
Lance standing behind the crater.

I always thought we should dig that old cord up so the kids wouldn't trip on the trail.  There were parts that weren't buried.  No need of that now!
We have Metrocast cable, internet and phone.  They were here right away to help because many neighbors had damaged transistors.  Everyone else got online last night but we had to wait until today because the buried cable was fried and they needed to replace it.  We were back online within 24hrs!  That's service!!!   
So that was our excitement!  We are so thankful that the damage was minimal.  It certainly gives us perspective how POWERFUL our God is.  It was just amazing to see the damage and how far reaching it was!  Grateful that we are ok!!!

When the people saw the thunder and lightning and heard the trumpet and saw the mountain in smoke, they trembled with fear.  Exodus 20:18

For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other.  Luke 17:24


MelG said...

I'm really happy everyone is safe and that no other serious damage was done. Good idea to keep the cell phone charged. Cheers Mary!

Milehamfamily said...

What a story! And I love that you took pictures all the way through the ordeal...the fire department as they drive to your house and the cable company. Glad you are all ok, though.

In Light of the Truth... said...

What a neat story! Had no idea lightning could do that!!

Andria said...

I am so glad all my babies are okay, including Loppsi, she must have been terrified. Did the kids wake up or sleep through it? Lance must have been excited with all the trucks and goings on!! Love Mom