Saturday, March 5, 2011


As you probably noticed many of my latest posts have had to do with CARDS!  Oh how I love them.  Because I am playing along in so many card challenges, I decided to start another blog JUST for those entries (CHANGE 1).  I'll still talk cards over here now and again but this blog is called "A Productive Endeavor" and I want to get back to that.  (On a side note, I wish I had thought of PURPOSEFUL as the P when I was first trying to find a clever phrase using the letters APE - my fav animal!).
So late last year I shared here that my friend and I were doing a bible study by phone together.  We started Power of a Praying Parent.  After getting to the 3rd or 4th week, we decided to change directions.  Neither of us were doing our homework.  We struggled with finding time to pray.  Life was busy and our prayer life was something we tackled IF everything else in our home was in order.  Ha!  Isn't that crazy!  We were doing it WRONG and in that we decided to shift gears (CHANGE 2)... get to the roots... and study PRAYER itself and commit to making our prayer lives better.  THAT is the true priority after all.  My friend Amy gave me this book ages ago and I started and stopped it a couple times.  I mentioned it to Kaley and now we are going to work through this together.
I am already super excited.  I've been a Christian for 10 years and still have much to learn and the author committed herself to getting a better prayer life at the beginning of her 2nd decade too!  So that's where I am these days with my bible studies.


Kathy said...

Prayer {and quiet time} continues to be something I struggle to commit to faithfully - though I am working on it. So glad that He's still working on me!

And I LOVE E. George's books - such wonderful truths and insights!

Kales said...

Ok, so now we both own the book - we need to plan our next chat!! Life with three little ones is busy!

Kales said...

ps you can change your 'P' to purposeful, why not?