Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mommy encouragement

I received this email from the MOPS email and thought it encouraging. Wanted to share. I thought the stranger's gesture to pay was really nice! I'd like to be that kind of woman.

You’re Not Alone

By Christa Hogan, mom of two

After a particularly long, sleepless night, I decided I’d earned a latte. I dropped my oldest son off at preschool and headed to Starbucks with the baby. But as soon as I pulled into the drive-through line and placed my order, he woke up and started to cry. I knew he was fed and clean, but he wouldn’t stop crying no matter what I tried. My car was blocked in the drive-through line, and I had no choice but to wait it out.

"I was still exhausted.
But I was no longer alone"

Hormonal, exhausted, frazzled and leaking breast milk, I finally pulled up to the window for my latte after what felt like an eternity. I was fighting back tears as the barista at the window handed me my drink. But when I tried to pay he shook his head.

“The lady ahead of you in line already paid for your order,” he explained. “She said, ‘From one mom to another.’ ”

I felt a wave of relief. The baby was still crying. I was still leaking. I was still exhausted. But I was no longer alone. I was reminded that I was part of a larger, sometimes anonymous, community of moms doing their best for their kids. I don’t remember if the baby stopped crying before I drove all the way home, but I do remember how good that latte tasted.

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