Sunday, February 13, 2011

Garbage bowl

I saw this idea on Rachel Ray years ago and LOVE it. When she cooks, she keeps a big bowl for her peelings, wrappers, etc. I do that AND I use a bowl when I'm cleaning the kitchen. All the little bread ties, leftover food, straws, etc. go into the bowl so I don't have to make a million trips to the garbage can. If you have a garbage can conveniently located in your kitchen then this idea probably seems silly. But my can is in the corner out of the way and I love using a bowl. A simple time saver tip I wanted to share.


Sunflowerakb's Yellow House said...

Clever idea on using a bowl while cleaning the kitchen!

I use a large (64oz) yogurt container for food scraps that can go into the green-yard waste garbage bin.

Kales said...

Sorry I have to say I do NOT like this idea! You should be seperating your green bin (compostable) items from trash. I do this for my green bin items. Think green!!