Monday, January 3, 2011

Monthly Monday Meanderings

This is my year of PURPOSE. My friend Kathy blogged about finding a word to summarize the year and that is mine. I want to live with purpose! When I go about my day simply existing, it seems like the days just blur together! So I want to bring purpose to my life. I don't want to look back at my week as wasted or with lost opportunities. This becomes so much more urgent as I raise kids. Anyway... as for living with purpose, this Monday Meanderings certainly helps!

Goal: Pray better. Read daily. Teach my kids.
I want to be disciplined. I learned that the historical basis for reading was so people could read the bible. That was pretty cool! A simple ability that I don't want to waste. I want my kids to see me reading more than on the computer. Oh to be that woman of God....

Dates nights don't happen unless I purposely plan them. The days zoom by and so do the weeks and before we know it, we haven't spent any focused time together. Sure we do stuff as a family and talk but I mean CONNECTING on a deeper level. This takes effort and I need to work on that. Regular date nights in would be good - and all we can do right now.

I bought a Hooked on Phonics Bible edition and plan to work thru that with the kids. I'll teach bible stories and work on memory verses. I want my kids to know what is important and if I don't PURPOSELY plan to teach them, they won't get it. Plus I want to learn some verses too and I hope to do that along with them.

Being focused on life. Not just sailing thru life adrift. Mommy brain does that... just go with the flow. Do what needs to be done. Go to bed. Wake up and do it all over again. I'm not getting all crazy about doing lots... but just doing what is important.

Keeping my home better and getting on Facebook less. In fact my new strategy is to logout when I'm done so that I'll have to take the extra time to sign back in. I think that'll make me second guess what I'm doing with my time unlike hitting refresh. It's just habit now. Click. Read updates. No need for that. See... gotta be PURPOSEFUL even with my time on the computer.

Get my house organized since the Christmas decorations were put away. Get all the donation stuff!

My office and crafty space. I am hosting a card party next month and want to show my friends where I work. Gotta get it ready for public viewing! Still have to get pictures on the walls and remove piles of clutter.

This is the best month ever! My husband is involved in a competition at work for weight loss. He has requested to not cook him supper! Oh it's so great - no pressure. I think I might actually want to cook more now with no fear of messing things up. (I always know when I don't do so well when Jay gets out the hot sauce. hehehe)

We had a relaxing Christmas break. It was wonderful and I even stayed home for 9 days straight! I was only out in the yard for 15 minutes to slide with the kids. (See what I mean about needing to be more purposeful?!) I'm looking forward to a MOMS gathering this week, MOPS next week and my Military Moms next week too.

1. Grateful for our health. No colds or flu bugs here. So grateful for that!
2. My husband who picks up groceries or any items I need. (Which is why I didn't have to leave the house for 9 days).
3. My kids who play SO WELL together and who enjoy being home and doing simple things.

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In Light of the Truth... said...

These are great, Mary! Very inspiring! Now tell me more about the Hooked on Phonics Bible version--I'd been considering the regular one but hadn't heard of the Bible one. Love the new blog look too!