Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

Christmas Eve was pretty quiet. The five of us just stayed at home hanging out. I made cookies and a cake. We had popcorn and watched a movie. I enjoyed my little family and the simplicity of the holiday this year.

Per tradition, I gave the kids an ornament for the tree. We saw Tangled in theatre recently and Vienna loved it. It was her first 3D movie and Lance's 1st movie in a theatre ever.
Toy Story 3 came out earlier this year and we're big fans so Lance got that ornament.
A friend of mine made Colin his first ornament. Baby's first!!!

Colin with his custom made monkey by Elena. Click here for her blog!

Vienna left a note and snack for Santa. She was really excited about it!

On Christmas morning, the kids came down to find stockings from Santa and presents under the tree. We get them 3 each. Nana bought alllllll the rest. I got Vienna a Jesse (from Toy Story) doll, Disney character figurines and a subscription to High Five. Lance got Slinky (from Toy Story), a keyboard and building gears. Colin got a monkey back pack, videos and baby food. It's an easy way to keep spending under control and since Nana loves to shop, we leave the craziness up to her!

Nana works overnight shift so arrived around 9am after she got off work. (She lives just over an hour away.) We had breakfast together, opened more gifts and had a turkey dinner. I did the veggies and she did the turkey and stuffing.

I was spoiled (as always) and got a Pandora bracelet and 7 charms (from Jay and MIL). I am more into cheap inexpensive jewelry but I just discovered Pandoras recently and LOVE them. I love the look. Love the way they sound when the charms click together. And love the idea of personalizing it. Jay loved the idea of an heirloom so started it for me. My MIL also got me a glorious electric kettle. It automatically turns off when it boils! This is huge for a forgetful mom! Oh and the big joke is that I got a Snuggie! My man found one with monkeys on it. Isn't he sweet! I had commented on wanting one because it's a hard life when you have a blanket over you and you have to stick your arm out into the cold air to turn channels.
A winter storm passed thru yesterday giving us a winter wonderland. We went out today to enjoy the snow!

Jay had today off too and we rearranged our over-sized bedroom to fit the kids new bounce house. They got it from Jay's brother, Auntie Kinny, Opa and Oma. They had a blast!

As you can see we had a wonderful holiday weekend. Although Christmas is about celebrating Jesus, we fell short in that area. I don't feel that Dec.25th is really about Jesus in our house. Sure we tie Him into as much as we can, but Santa Claus and gifts really gets the kids excited. As a Christian I felt really bad about it then I realized something... we celebrate Jesus regularly. We try to live the way He wants us to and we teach our kids about Him daily. So this year I learned that rather than feeling guilty about the pull between Santa and Jesus, I just let it go and enjoyed my family. Who knows what next year will bring, but for now, I just let the kids get lost in the magic of Christmas. And it was fun.

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