Monday, December 13, 2010


Many friends on FB are commenting that they are making cookies. Why is everyone making them? Do you give them as gifts? Or is it just a tradition to bake and have treats available at your house this time of year? I just can't imagine that many people giving cookies as gifts! Although, they would be perfect for me... cookies are my FAV dessert! hehe


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

well, i don't know about everyone else, but growing up my mom would make about 8-10 different kinds of Christmas cookies (decorated sugar cookies, dipped shortbread, gingerbread men, etc.), and then have them available for us and to bring to parties.

so i like to keep that tradition alive and make at LEAST one kind of cookie during the holidays that i don't usually eat during other times of the year. that's why jill and i baked today! :)

Kathy said...

For me it's a bunch of reasons. Partly just tradition. My Grandma always had LOTS of little cookies, treats and stuff around during the holidays. She'd bake for months and freeze things and then bring them out as needed.
I try to do some of her recipes and some that were my Mom's and also some new ones that are my own. Most of them are cookies that I don't normally make the rest of the year and only do at Christmastime so they're kinda special.
It's also fun for the girls and I to bake together.
We do give a lot away, to neighbors, to co-workers, as gifts to various ppl.
And it's nice to have some special treats around just because. Like I said there are certain things I only make this time of year and it's fun to have special treats instead of the same ol choc chip cookies.
It's also great to have stuff on hand so if you go to a party or something like that you have something special you can bring.

All that to say -- I enjoy Christmas cookies VERY much and eat way too many and as soon as the New Year hits I literally throw out ANY that are left in my house so I can avoid any further temptation! hahaha

And guess what? I'm one of those weird ppl that actually LOVES fruitcake! LOL

Emily said...

We would make cookies along with other cookies for our neighbors and close friends/family. We'd make several different kinds of cookies, chex mix, pretzels covered in either chocolate or white almond bark etc.
It's been a every year tradition in our house, and we are doing it this year in Navy housing. Baking up to 10 dozen cookies or more and passing them out around housing and some to the Fire depart. and Police as well. I'm thinking of giving some to the homeless shelters near by too.
The kids love doing it and it's a good way to teach them to give rather than receive ;)