Monday, November 1, 2010


When I was a kid, I loved halloween for the candy. I (or my mom) didn't ever go crazy with costumes and thinking back, I only remember 3... a witch and the hat was vinyl and didn't stay on.... then my aunt made me a devil costume and a blue fairy costume that I just wore year after year. As an adult, I've only been to a couple parties. I don't know why Halloween and dressing up, as fun as it seems, just hasn't been my thing.

When Vienna was born we lived in a neighborhood so handed out candy 2005 and 2006.
In 2007, V was 2 1/2 and Lance was 7mo and we went to a friend's church party for games and candy. She was a princess and he was a frog. I went there after this friend told me about her 4 year old getting scared at a halloween party in the community and I wanted to avoid any scary costumes.
2008 - We went door to door in our neighborhood and came home early to hand out candy. V was a princess and Lance was Bob the Builder. I didn't like it at all. It was dark (and I don't like the dark), and there was something strange to me about not talking to neighbors all year then suddenly knocking on their door asking for candy. People weren't overly friendly opening their doors either. V was shy and the whole thing wasn't fun. Maybe if we went with other people but I was alone with V because Jay took a tired Lance home after 3 or 4 houses.
2009 - We went to my friend's church party again since I wanted to avoid trick or treating. V was a princess and Lance was a pirate. The kids had a good time playing games and winning candy.

2010 - We moved last year to a new neighborhood and the houses are too far apart and the driveways too long for door to door trick or treating. (yay!!) My neighbors go to a development close by to get treats but I had NO DESIRE to do this. So I decided to host a party. I talked to our pastor about it and he loved the idea so we put the invitation out to everyone at our little church for anyone interested. Including me, Jay and babies, we had 12 adults and 10 kids.
I wanted an alternative to trick or treating so held it 5-8pm. The children came in costumes (V was a princess (surprise surprise) and Lance was a knight) and we had lots of candy! But because I was hosting and taking care of a 6mo old, I totally and completely forgot to take any pictures. *sigh* We had supper together and I had a simple craft in the diningroom, a couple games outside, and a fire. But the kids mostly played in the kids' rooms and the swing set. Our pastor, David who has two young boys, lead a bible time for us too. So it was a great evening in the light and focusing on Jesus rather than bumping into anything creepy and demonic on the streets.
I just asked Vienna what her fav part was and she said roasting marshmellows. Guess it really doesn't take much to make the kids happy!! (Or Mommy because I bought candy I like!! I love being an adult! hehehe)


Anonymous said...

I love your alternative idea :) We don't have kids but we give candy because in my small neighborhood I know all the kids names so it is fun to see their costumes. We get some teenagers in creepy costumes, but mostly people we know and like :)

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

That sounds like a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a well rounded & fun evening! Trick Or Treat night can be whatever it is you choose to make it! HOWEVER....I still wish you had of captured at least one teeny tiny photog friend! hehehehee