Monday, October 25, 2010

Monthly Monday Meanderings

Has it been one month already! Wow! Time to check in and let you know how my month has been!

The Military Moms group I'm involved in started this month and we are working through a book this year. 10 Essentials of Godly Women by Elizabeth George is a great book! I read it before but continue to learn during this 2nd read thru. I'm leading the devotion this week and it's on speech... ironically enough for those who know me well. This is an area I have been transformed the most in since becoming a believer yet have much to learn.

We had a great talk this month as a way to check in with one another. I think this is a great thing for all couples to do time to time. Sometimes you get caught up in the routine of life and let things fall to the wayside. So we have had a fun flirty month and I am so in love with Jay. I particularly find him extra handsome as we age together. Something about that struck me this month. We've been together 14 years (since we were 19) so we've changed a lot - and it's all good. I pray regularly for his safety at work and even the drive to and from. I've been in a better mood and keeping the house clean so when he gets home, it's a haven for him and a place to be restored. At least I hope he feels that way!

My kids are learning so much at light speed these days! I have been really good about stopping and listening to them when they have needs. I have yelled less (an answer to prayer) and am enjoying these ordinary days with them. I attend two moms groups and we discussed this topic at one meeting. VERY eye opening to me. Colin is my inspiration for not yelling to be honest. He startles easily and I just don't want him to see me that way.

Working out = bad month!! BUT... I recently discussed with a friend about having her come over to watch my kids while I work out and then she can have a turn while I watch her kids. She seemed really interested so I'm going to email her this week about getting this started.

I did decorate my diningroom windows for the first time since moving in. Boy did that feel good to check off the ole list!!! Here they are:

Putting laundry away on Sundays has been a challenge but I am closer to that goal. It's Monday and I'm almost done with this task. I find it less stressful to get ready knowing where all the clothes are. I can't tell you how many times I know something is clean and have to look in multiple baskets to find it. Twill be no more. I guess being organized overall has been my new habit this month.

I sewed that button on V's dress after that was on my list FOREVER.
I got shelves for my office.
I got V a desk and vanity for her room.
I have curtains in my dining room.
I have been on top of my cards.
Can't I tell ya how good it feels to report all that I did this month! WOOT WOOT!
Now I just have to fix the curtains in all the kids bedrooms!

Having company is the best way to keep my house in order. The main floor is under control. Just my bedroom always seems to hurt. It's the place I chuck everything when cleaning. Bad bad habit!

This week:
Pork chops w/couscous.
Chicken sausage gumbo
Shepherds pie
Tuna casserole
Asian chicken with rice.
I might have just impressed myself with this section!

What a week of events! MOPS, Military Moms, conference with V's teacher, Pumpkin Day Party on Saturday and we are hosting a Halloween party on Sunday (I'll blog about that next week).

My health
My home
My family
I am just soooo in love with my husband and my kids lately. I am so grateful to have them. I could cry just thinking about it. So very lucky and nothing nothing to complain about!

So there we are... my triple Ms... See you the end of November!

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a really nice update Mary!! =)