Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Colin and a card

Thank you for your prayers! Surgery went well and Colin did great. Although he didn't take the bottle too well, he had some baby food and survived just fine the 4.5 hrs we were apart. Jay was smart enough to drive around with him so he had a good nap in the van! 10am was a good time of day for me to go in!

Now to show a card I made earlier this month. It is a birthday card for my sister. She likes pink so started with that. Found this fun circle paper and added my embellishments to it. The 23 are stickers. The Happy Birthday is a die cut that I framed onto pink paper. I added a ribbon and got my circle punch out for the cake die cut. And of course I used a corner punch to soften the edges. I love the way this card looks and it was just a matter of layering and working with stuff I have.

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