Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Meanderings. Changing it up.

I've been posting Monday Meanderings for a few weeks now and have come to realize three things...
1) I don't accomplish all that I set to do in a given week.
2) Much of what I do is the same week after week.
3) I get motivated to do things spontaneously and put my effort in that rather than what's on my list.

I'll give you a run down of what I mean:

Ongoing each week: I need to pray in solitude daily, read my bible daily and download podcasts for the commute I have 2 days a week. Yet to make any of those habit.

Pray for his safety each day. Plan and cook meals. No computer in the evening and be available to him. I still don't do meal planning. But I do pray for him. (Computer varies depending on what he's up to.)

I've been wanting one on one time with them and to play more games. We haven't implemented dates because of Jay's schedule. And as for the games... I just forget! Overall my kids are happy and play well together. I haven't felt the pressure of entertaining them with new games to be honest.
Lance hasn't been interested in writing his name. I tried but he really doesn't have much interest in it yet.
Colin gets floor time and will crawl in time.

Still need to make the treadmill and reading a habit. Still need to decorate my house. Still need to work on photo albums. These goals will follow me to the grave!

Pray in solitude as mentioned above. Put laundry away on Sunday. I have the best intentions but still don't do these things.

Even my "must do" items don't always get done. V's button still needs to be sewn. I still have more birthday cards to make. And the kids all have curtain issues that need to be repaired.

I clean all the time but still haven't washed my floors as I wrote last week.

Just hard to get into this groove. The kids are so picky so I just stick with our standard stuff.

Of course they are always on the list and get done and are appreciated.

So the moral of this story, is that although I like the concept of Monday Meanderings, I find it more discouraging to write up what I want to do when it's the same thing as the week before! I actually keep a paper TO DO list with sections: to buy, to call, cards to make and to do. I find this works for me right now and I love crossing stuff off the list. I think that I will still participate in Monday Meanderings but I'm going to do it monthly as accountability instead. So I'll see you on Oct.25th as I update how I've been doing in each category.

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Summer said...

" I need to pray in solitude daily"

Me too! I think I will add this to my list. I hardly ever get time alone. This needs to be a priority for me.

Love the thoughts. Your blog is too cute!