Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Meanderings

We moved back in November and have found it challenging to get to our church on time and regularly, especially with three small kids. We spend more time in the car than at the Sunday service. Plus my husband has a busy work schedule that keeps him from participating in the various activities offered. So we decided to check out a church 3 miles from our house. Jay had heard good things about it thru a co-worker. We visited a few times before making a decision - and it's been made... we are changing churches. I notified a couple people last week and wanted to make an announcement so people weren't wondering. I will still be plugged into the the groups I love: a mothers group and a military moms group, but I won't be going to the women's bible study this year because of Colin's nap schedule. I think I should stay home as much as I can while going through this season of life.
Our new church is a wonderful bible teaching church. I look forward to what's on my spiritual journey this year!! So far I feel very led to be a better teacher for my kids. I've been doing a devotion with Vienna each night for the past week and strive to be a better role model for my kids.

Listen to him without distraction.

V - Kindergarten orientation this week!
L - Doing great w/underwear, now to work on pulling on pants. Starts preschool after Labor Day.
C - Been writing down his nap schedule as we transition to the new school year. I have to plan his naps rather than just being sporadic.

Treadmill time.
Leisure reading before bed rather than TV.
Got those pictures printed and into an album. Next step, embellishments and journal.
Make September birthday cards.

Daily sweeping and vacuuming. I put the area rug down again for Colin so want to keep it clean. (Had it tucked away for the summer.)

V clothes shopping. Agh! Got some stuff last week but need more, including socks.
Sort thru Lance's clothes. Put out bigger stuff for him and tuck away small stuff for Colin.
Birthday gift shopping.

Kids bedrooms. Must be vacuumed, including under bed and other neglected areas. Clean windows and fix V & C's curtains.

I ordered groceries to be delivered this afternoon. Gotta love that service!
My meals are planned the day of. Will work on this...

Seeing a couple friends this week before school starts and we lose our freedom of lazy mornings.

1. My cozy home. I like to be here.
2. Animals in my yard. I love God's creation.
3. Freedom to worship and being able to choose our church.

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Those are great goals, Mary! I am so with you about listening without distractions - it's something I have very consciously tried to work on this year. The worst is in group praying or when Chris and I are praying together - my mind wanders to a million places. Why is it so hard to stay in the moment?!

In Light of the Truth... said...

I know what you mean about the church thing! We've recently had to quit going to Sunday school hour because of Carter's need for a nap during then (would rather him at least get partial nap in his BED than for me to spend the WHOLE time at church bouncing him around trying to get him to sleep, all the while him being fussy about it!). And then during the actual church hour we stay for songs and then I usually have to leave to go out and feed Carter. Which means dragging Eli with me. Kevin's only with us about 30% of the time cuz of work, and he also misses out most of the other activities the church offers. =( And then there's women's Bible study in the evenings, and if Kevin's working, then what to do with the kids?? *sigh* So what are you guys doing in the CAR most of church time??