Monday, August 23, 2010


Oops! Some of you don't know where I live or where my old church was. Dah!
We are now 30 minutes from our old church. We had to give ourselves 45min to get there on time with the loading of the kids and such... but 30 minutes were spent actually driving. So 30 min there and back = 1 hour. The church service is one hour long but we were always late after dropping the kids off in Sunday School. Therefore we were on the road MORE than actually spent at church.
So a 30min drive turned into a 3min drive is much better!
(And for the drive, V & L watch movies with headsets while Colin and I listen to music.)


In Light of the Truth... said...

okay, now i see! I was originally picturing your whole family just sitting in the car during church time. Or if I didn't know if you had to go out to your car for disciplines or for feedings. LOL So silly! Just curious, Do your kids always watch movies for drives??

Mary said...

They don't watch movies if we are in the car a short time or if I want them to snooze. Otherwise, ya they do because most of our car trips are 30min or more... and then I can play music for Colin and me. :o)