Friday, July 2, 2010

The crib is the goal

Til recently, Colin took his day naps in his swing in the livingroom. Then he stopped sleeping through the regular noise of two playful kids. So I moved the swing to his bedroom. Today the batteries died. Great timing because the crib is the goal. He doesn't sleep as soundly or as long in there but I've been putting him in the crib as much as I can.... in the day... when we're home.

At night, Colin sleeps with me. He sleeps very well, only waking up for a couple feedings as long as he's next to me. I don't mind because I get my sleep and have been quite functional caring for 3 kids in the day. But the crib is the goal.

I tried to mimic myself next to him by covering a nursing pillow with a tang top that I wore all day. I am sooo sneaky! And it worked. But I don't like his face that close to pillows. Makes me nervous. I only did this a couple times to get him used to the crib environment.

Tonight I put my little man in his crib awake because I had to put V&L to bed. He cried and cried but he finally fell asleep.. alone... without me. He didn't sleep long but I'll take what I can get! Baby steps as we work towards all sleep time in the crib. Because the crib is the goal.


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

We've done the shirt thing, too! Really helped Luke.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Good job! It wasn't until this past month that Carter FINALLY got transitioned to sleeping in a crib (well, pack n play) full-time for naps AND bedtime. For so long he napped in the bouncy seat in the office. Just because I liked having him closer to us during the day, instead of upstairs all by himself. But now he goes down really well (with his little bear blankie thing) and naps full naps! Now we're working on the nighttime... cutting out the 10:00 feed and working him towards sleeping through the night. We shall see...