Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reward chart

I found the best reward chart ever! It has little magnet tiles of various chores and even behaviors to work on. I've been using it for weeks now with Vienna and waited to blog about it because I wanted to make sure it worked first.

The goals are getting dressed without me having to nag, feeding Lopsi, overall no whining or teasing for the day, putting away the toys in the living room, cleaning her room before bed, getting ready for bed (get pjs on and brush teeth) without being told over and over and the blank magnet is obeying (overall obeying for the day). It's great because at the end of the day, Vienna and I discuss each task and how she did. She knows when she had a bad day and understands that tomorrow is a new day to start fresh.
At the end of the week, she must have more days with earned buttons than without to get the result button which came with the chart and say things like "good job". (So she must earn at least 4 buttons per goal for the week.) If she gets ALL the result buttons, then she gets a reward for the week. I found ideas online for simple rewards so I come up with something different each week. Such as: stickers, soda with supper, staying up later than Lance, going out for ice-cream, and this week I let her pick out a child and the country for us to sponsor (more about this another time). Vienna LOVES the surprise of her rewards too.
There were only two weeks that Vienna didn't do well enough to get a reward and she never fussed about it. She understands what's expected of her and this system has really worked well for us.


Kales said...

Where did you get that chart??

Mary said...

I bought the chart from Target.