Sunday, June 13, 2010

Potty training

Yesterday was day 1 of full effort - no going back - potty training with 3 year old Lance. For every time that Lance peed in his little potty, he got a small chocolate. He was enthusiastic and ate a lot of candy! I kept him in underwear because the idea of drips or looking for puddles would be too much. It was hard enough with the underwear on. By the end of the day I told Lance that he’d only get a candy if he peed in the potty and his underwear were dry. So that is where we are today. Reward for dry underwear only after he pees in the potty.

Lance doesn't actually play on the computer or video games, but I feel we're pretty close to this comic! This has been so stressful although I’m being only encouraging to Lance. (Ok except that one time he peed and was walking around leaving wet footprints and wouldn't stop when I said to stop. Oh and the time he peed on the floor while I was nursing Colin. What am I suppose to do in that situation?!)
It's stressful hunting down puddles - grateful for Clorox wipes.
Extra work cleaning Lance's legs - grateful for baby wipes and antibacterial hand wipes.
Time-consuming preparing meals - especially for myself (see previous post about dairy and gluten-free)
Never ending dishes - not a priority but I still have to do them. Summer = bugs and I have the odd ant. Ick. Don't like leaving a food source.
Caring for 6 week old Colin who eats every 2 hrs and still has fussy times....
Laundry - many loads after my sister left. Extra bedding and towels nevermind our regular pile of clothes from 5 people.
Up and down overseeing Vienna and Lance, attending to their needs and playing referee.

I pray that today goes better. I am trying to have a good attitude. So anyone reading this... I'd appreciate your prayers. Speaking of... time to pray again. ;o) My regular quick prayer these days goes something like this:

Dear Heavenly Father: Thank you so much for this great life. Thank you for these kids. I am grateful. But Lord I'm so stressed. I give my day to You. Please help me find the joy in the small things and love my kids better. I can't do it without You. Thank you for who You are and for being there for me. In Jesus Name - Amen.

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