Monday, June 14, 2010

Potty training update

Day 2 of potty training was great! I decided to blog about it on the kids' site since it's more facts than about my stress and me.
Thank you for the prayers yesterday. I wasn't as stressed although am trying to figure out this gluten-free diet thing. I ordered groceries online last night and got lots of fruit, meat and some gluten-free bread and snacks. An area grocery store has free delivery so all I pay is a small tip. That covers gas alone since the store is 20min away from me. Plus they shop for me AND bring the food into my kitchen!!! Can't beat that. I highly recommend the service if you have small kids and grocery store that delivers. (They even call me if they have a question about my order.)
Last night my supper was canned salmon with potatoes, carrots and pickled beets. The kids had pizza. They don't like my food and I can't eat theirs. I can easily make gluten-free suppers for myself, it's just breakfast and snack time that kills me and then having to prepare two meals. I was feeling really weak yesterday and wonder if my body is going through sugar withdraw. Hopefully today will be better.

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