Monday, June 7, 2010

June is here

Colin will be 6 weeks old this coming Friday! He is adorable but the newborn schedule is not. The days fly by and I never seem to accomplish all that I set to do. My heart is especially sad tonight because I don't have more time with these two cuties:

We've had a busy couple weeks because my Mom and her bf came to visit from New Brunswick. They were here a few days and two days later my sister and her bf arrived. They are still here and are leaving Thursday. :o(

I love my kids but I find myself yelling so much more. I am not being the mother I want to be right now. I look forward to when I don't have to nurse a baby so often or soothe him when he's fussy. These precious older babes play well together but do fight. I can't handle it when I'm tired or busy with the baby and can't take the proper time to discipline and talk to them. I raise my voice to get their attention rather than going over to intervene.

I want to ONLY see the joy in all my kids little lives right now. I pray for that daily and throughout the day. I was praying for that earlier and was doing great.... Colin sleeping in his swing... Vienna and Lance were playing well and I was getting the dishes done. Then I saw Vienna at Colin's swing after she turned the music on and he was awake! I freaked at her because I tell her just about every day to stay away from Colin when he's sleeping so I can get stuff done and to always ask permission before doing that sort of thing. I don't want to be so crazy. *sigh*

This little boy may be time consuming but he is oh so precious to me. He started smiling at 3 weeks and cooing/talking at 5! Last week he started looking at the mobile on his swing. I love watching him discover his world.

I know that they will be grown before I know it so I desperately want to enjoy these early days.

That is the latest 'round here.


Anonymous said...

Mary....sorry 2 hear that you feel a little overwhelmed with all that is going on in your household these days! I pray things get easier and that you can once again have piece of mind & are able to get more done in the run of a day! The baby is growing up right before your eyes and pretty soon he'll be running around and interacting with his is 2 short....try not to stress about the little things and take in as much as you can with your wee ones...all 3 of them!!!!! Be it good or sometimes (not) so good moments.....cherish them....each and makes your family who they are and you can grow and learn from each other!!!
I know you have a big heart and with time & strength through prayers, friends &'ll do just fine!
I'd give anything....even all the not so great moments that you are going through right spend a day in your life, or any parents for that matter...just 2 know what it feels like to be a Mommy!
Consider yourself very blessed, my dear friend, and leave your worries & stresses with the good Lord above....... ♥

BTW....looking forward 2 seeing more pics of the petite wee ones!



In Light of the Truth... said...

Oh Mary, I've been going through so many of the same things! I raise my voice way too much because I'm nursing a baby and can't/won't get up (baby doesn't deserve constant interruption). And life is so fast and busy I spout out an order for the kids to do something and then whisk off to do something else, and I forget to follow up on the kids whether they did what they were supposed to or not, and a lot of times they haven't, so I'm not being very consistent about that. And just the other day I FREAKED OUT at Eli for waking up Carter (Eli likes to sneak into Carter's room during nap to look at him. He's not supposed to get out of his bed, let alone out of his room and into Carter's! I was JUST getting ready to do chores and instead had to care for Carter the next hour! Oh and Carter was asleep in his car seat because we were just getting ready to go somewhere, and the kids go leaning all over him or whatever and woke up him all up! Arg! We've only been to the library twice in the last 5 months (and we used to go every week!) and we don't get outside nearly as much as we should be! Socks are everywhere, shoes are everywhere, and the dishes never get done. It's just hard finding the balance, BUT I can say it's getting better now that Carter can more easily be entertained, rolling around on the floor, or in an exersaucer, or in his Bumbo seat watching me. And he has FINALLY started napping much better! Not every day, but most days, I'd say. I wish I could just relax and enjoy these moments but I actually feel ill when the house is an absolute clutter bomb! Can NOT stand it! So somehow I'm really needing to find some self-control with time management!! Sooo, all this to say, we're in this together!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Oh, I understand that - and I only have one! Praying for you whenever God brings you to my mind.