Monday, June 14, 2010

Final pic for Project 365

I love the concept of taking a photo a day for a year in an effort to become a better photographer. I thought FOR SURE I could do it since I take a million pics - even if I didn't upload them every day.
Although I may take more than 365 photos in a year, I def don't do one a day. Sometimes a couple weeks pass actually. These days I am pretty busy with these three:
So I have abandoned this fab idea since I wasn't following the rules anyway. But you can bet your buns that I will continue to post any cool-to-me shots I take.... Like this girl:

She had two pups with her but I couldn't get them in one shot. They were busy roaming around and playing. This is my backyard. I have seen the pups only once but have seen a lone fox many times... mostly trotting down my driveway in the morning. Looking for food I imagine. I just hope she doesn't take to small dogs!


Anonymous said...

No worries about the 365 hun!! You are one busy Momma bear and someday maybe you can try it again if you wish! I will continue to watch for your photos though and btw...nice shot of the fox!!!


Anna's Yellow House said...

cool pic! i enjoy checking out your pictures...