Friday, April 23, 2010

A walk to my mailbox. Pics# 107-114

Knowing that the lilac bush from the previous post was by my mailbox, I decided to take my camera for a walk to get the mail. I love living in the woods... there is so much beauty around.

Pic#107... the lilacs. Oh they smelled so good!

Pic#108: Baby blue bud.
#109: The bud revealed. Look how velvety it is.
#110: I spy a moon.
#111: More tiny flowers.
#112: A view down my driveway as I walked back towards my house.
#113: Glorious evening.
#114: Plant alongside my house. No idea what it is but glad it's purple. Def needs pruning. I need help in this department!


Kales said...

I think that purple flower has the word 'bell' in the name. Not sure either.

Kathy said...

beautiful! keep walking that driveway each day and that baby will come soon!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo I LOVE your nature shots! Esp the 1st one!


Amy said...

Beautiful pictures, Mary! I'm pretty sure that the mystery plant is wisteria.