Monday, April 26, 2010

Waiting for baby boy

Baby boy's due date has come and gone. I really thought I would have him early. He's so low, he's so active, and he's my 3rd. But alas, he's cozy and comfy and not ready for the world yet. As I update Facebook and field people's emails, I am soooo anxious. The anticipation of pain is driving me nuts. And the details of childcare of my other two still rests on my mind. But I have another thought too.... I haven't had a child since joining Facebook and I want to be sure to get a chance to call my family/friends in Canada and even local friends before someone spills the beans online. I know some have good intentions and just want to say congratulations but I want to be the one to share my news. So we shall see how social networking will affect this great announcement.

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Kales said...

We could try the 'boy who cried wolf' method! I'll start posting congratulatory messages - then after a bit, say 'ha ha just kidding'. We can get a couple of people to do it too and volia, if someone posts the real one will know it's 'real'. What do you think?