Saturday, April 10, 2010

The toddler kite and more. (Pics# 90-93)

My SIL is a preschool teacher and gave me this brilliant idea. Turn a grocery bag into a kite.... just staple a few ribbons to the end, tie a string to the handles and make sure you have lots of room for the kids to run! I had to draw arrows in chalk on my driveway because my kids collided. They kept looking back so it is important they all run in the same direction!!
It was so fun and wore them out! (Pic#90):

Pic#91: Later my babies were being goofy and I caught a moment.... They bring me so much joy. *heart swell*

Pic# 92: I wrote about homework before and took a picture of Vienna working on it. Sometimes we practice letters and other times just read and she has to "journal" (draw a picture from the story).

Vienna wanted a turn with my camera so I let her take some shots. She was AMAZING! Here is my fav pic and because it's so good, I'll let her participate in MY project 365. She gets pic#93:
It's all about natural lighting to me!!! LOVE IT! (I painted this birdhouse at a one stroke technique home party a couple years ago.)


Anna's Yellow House said...

cool! I like the birdhouse a lot.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!!!