Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pure photography... Pics# 79-87.

Nine photos taken in 3 days in an effort to catch up. Easy to take pictures for this project when I am outside more. Yay Spring!

Pic#79: Lots of rain = flooded basements. The unusual floods here were unexpected causing great damage. Ruined homes, washed out roads and even bridges. Saw this sign on Friday, 4/2.

Pic#80: I spotted this waiting in my van for Jay while he picked up our pizza. It was the top of building. The sun was low and I loved the lighting and color with the blue sky. (Gotta carry my camera more now!)
Pic#81: Buds on the trees in my yard. (4/3)

Pic#82: Buds on Easter Sunday. Spotted these at my friend's house. What a gorgeous day!

Pic#83: Awww my first dandelion of the year!

Pic#84: The under-appreciated evergreen. So excited to see buds and flowers bloom but these trees are ever faithful and not overlooked in my book!

Pic#85: Some things in nature are just breathtaking.

Pic#86: God is called Creator for a reason. Mighty Creative!

Pic#87: I think I might pick some of these for my house. So vibrant and happy! Welcome welcome Spring.


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Ooo, I really like the chapel one!

Anonymous said...

All those flowers are already in bloom like that! Wow!!! I like the chapel one as well....