Sunday, April 18, 2010

Card making challenge

As I wait for baby, I've been stocking up on thank you cards. There are so many cool layouts available on the internet and since I follow some blogs, I decided to enter my first challenge. Here it the layout and CLICK HERE if you wanted to see more, including other people's entries.
Here are two cards I made using this template. The first one with the bunny is what I'd like to be my entry.

And just another for my stash:

I didn't use any fancy embellishments or techniques... just paper, stickers, funky scissors, and punches. But I'm learning that things don't have to be elaborate to be nice. The thank you stickers are raised but you can't tell from my pictures. I scanned them since my camera is packed with my hospital bag. :o) (6 days til due date!)

No promises on entering more challenges but I think it's great motivation and gets you thinking! I've been enjoying my crafty time.

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