Monday, April 19, 2010

An afternoon at the park. Pic# 95-104

Pic#95: Jay had today off so we took the kids to a local park to explore. We've only been there there a couple times and never together as a family. We walked along the nice paved trail around the lake, stopped at the playground to let the kids play and I took in the life all around me as Spring unfolds. Lots of photo ops for Project 365. Time to play catch up!

Pic#96: This lone tulip was so pretty.

Pic#97: Quack quack. What magnificent colors on mallards.

Pic#98: Walking around the lake. I loved the mossy ground here.

Pic#99: My pretty girl pointing out some pretty flowers.

Pic#100: Close up of the pretty flowers!

Pic#101: My fellow Canadians... how are you?

Pic#102: I love the colors of Spring!

Pic#103: Fountain at the park.

Pic#104: I love the little spurts of green here and there. On nice sunny days like today, it looks extra special against the blue sky.

And after that walk, maybe baby boy will come!


In Light of the Truth... said...

beautiful pictures! and ooo, you should go back to that fountain and do a slow shutter speed pic on it if you have a tripod or something to set your camera on. makes the water look all flowy. you know, when you're not having a baby n stuff! =)

Anonymous said...

Great spring photos!!!