Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project 365. Pics 68-72

Pic#68: Surf's up! Drove by the shore yesterday and the ducks were loving the choppy water.
Pic# 69: This was taken thru my windshield and I didn't notice that it wasn't level til I saw it on my computer. Bummer! But the beach... the water... is beckoning me. I love the area I live in. The beauty is just awesome!
Pic#70: A rainy day makes for good reading...
Pic#71: ... and good photo opps for Mommy. :o)
Pic#72: Perfect little seeds caught my eye tonight after I cut an apple in half.


Anna's Yellow House said...

the ocean pics make me wish I lived closer to the sea!

Tami Umland said...

I saw those ducks the other day at Harkness and wondered what they were, I just looked and they are geese called Brant, interesting. Not anything I have seen before.

Anonymous said...

Oooo I love the water pics!!!! Def lots of photo opts there!!!
♥ the teeny toes pic!!
Great seed shot...very artsy! I wish we lived close to each other...we could spend a day photographing this that and everything else!!!!