Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pregnancy update

I will be 36 weeks on Saturday!
Today is March 25th and I am due April 24th... official last month countdown is ON!
Coincidentally, my belly is feeling crampy. Not braxon hicks crampy... something different.
I had braxon hicks with my other two babies much more than this guy. So this new discomfort is annoying. Maybe I just have gas. haha! I have a doc appt tomorrow.

My first was 2 days early. 13 hour labor.
My 2nd was 2 days late. 4 hour labor.
I'm wondering when this guy will come? And how long it'll take.

People with multiple kids... what is your timeline like?
Tell me when my baby will be born. Please.
Thanks so much.
Anxiously waiting,
Momma Mary


Whitnee said... you know...all my kids owe me rent they were in there so long!!

1st - 8 days late, 12 hours labor (induced)
2nd - 1 day late, 3 hours or less
3rd - 9 days late, 5 hours labor (induced)

I think if you youngin' is have the whole month!! :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

1st baby - 7 days late, 20 hr labor
2nd baby - 3 days early, 4 hr labor
3rd baby - 2 weeks early (probably because of me shoveling heavy snow), 4 hr labor

Anonymous said...

first baby just under 5 hrs

second baby around 45 minutes, 43 if you want accuracy....

You might want to really pay attention to any sensations.

How exciting for you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry girl...I have no info to help ya out on this subject!!


The Keevy Family said...

Hi There! I thought I would stop by and see if you had a pregnancy update. I am friends with Anna B. and she told me about you. I am due May 3rd with my third baby, but I have a scheduled cesarean on April 27th. My second baby was breech, so this is the birth I get this time.

Anyway, here is my stats:
1st-4 days late 18 hours labor
2nd-2 hours labor, then cesarean
3rd-planned cesarean, yet to be!

This time around I am having a lot of braxton hicks and also cramping labor pains. It feels like early labor but never gets consistant. At 36 weeks I was dilated to 2 cm already! Tomorrow I am 37 weeks. We'll see, my doctor thinks I may go into labor before my scheduled birth.

I am keeping a pregnancy log on my blog as well.

Good luck to you!