Saturday, March 6, 2010

Enjoying a sunny day! Pics# 55-61

Oh glorious sunny day with warmer temps. It was DIVINE!
Pic#55: A nice big tree in our backyard. I saw lots of buds on the trees. WOOT WOOT!
Pic#56: Lopsi looking a little uncertain. Until she is trained with the invisible fence, we keep her on a leash. If she spotted a squirrel, there is NO way I could catch her. Vienna was walking her around the yard but didn't go down the stairs quite as quickly as Lopsi wanted hence this expression.
Pic#57: My pretty girl LOVES being outside.
Pic#58: This is the end of a piece of wood that makes up a little wall in my backyard. Two diff cuts give it two diff looks. Interesting.
Pic#59: Oh glorious color of green, how I miss thee...
Pic#60: Sometimes even rot can be beautiful.
Pic#61: Someone is a little too close to me. Maybe it's my own fault for saying: "Lopsi, do you see any squirrels?"


Anonymous said...

LOVE the tree & your dog's expression...priceless!! You can almost hear the HURRY UP going through her head!! hehehe
Love the warmer weather as well...should make for some nice photo taking opps!!!
Interesting piece of wood! Very neat!
I have missed everything green as well...but it won't be long now...
LOL at the last one!


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

The wood is amazing! Great shot!