Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Drive home. Pics# 64-67

I live 30 minutes from my church and where my daughter goes to preschool. We drive there 3 days a week for her plus again on Sunday. I have bible study one of those school days and mom support meetings on another day so it's worth the drive. And you know what else makes the drive... the views! I live in a gorgeous area with stone walls and amazing natural beauty. Kinda hard to grumble on my route. Glad to NOT be on highways!

Pics#64: I pass this interesting stone hole in the hill. If the door was round, I'd swear a hobbit lived there. ;o)
Pics#65: Not exactly sure what these are but we call them yaks. Maybe just hairy bulls. I dunno. Anyone know? Well they are always eating. I just think they are cute and we always slow down to look at them.
Pic#66: Many farms in my neck of the woods. This was taken while I was driving. Ssshhh... I did it blindly and thru the windshield hoping for great results. Not loving the reflections but you can still see the beauty. I must love this pic bcs of the tree... all about great trees.
Pic#67: Typical road I follow on my way to and fro. Again thru the windshield. But I wanted to show you my drive. :o)
Great views.
Comfy van.
iPod music.
I am one blessed girl when I travel...


Anonymous said...

Ooo def some pretty sights along the way! Love the stone building thingy.....


Anna's Yellow House said...

one way to not have a reflection is to make sure the flash is off. :-) i love the pics!