Sunday, February 21, 2010


You'd think when I hear the comment: "You have the perfect life." that I would take it as a compliment. But I feel like people who say that to me are disillusioned and mislead. Facebook is a world where we share our best and fun moments thru photos and videos. I am definitely blessed and know I have a good life... a very good life, but it is not without its struggles and drama like everyone else. Sure I do stuff with my kids... but most of the time, we just go about our day in survival mode. Days go by where I don't even read to my kids. I make popcorn and cut up apples for supper. I may not swear out loud but I sure do a lot of it if my head some days.
I think the internet is a dangerous place for people who are in a soul searching place. They think the world is moving along happily without them. Single people want to be married. People without kids want them. People with kids want a break from them! Curly haired people want straight hair and vice versa. Why can't we be content no matter the circumstance? We all have different walks in our earthly lives and let's be realistic enough to know that the internet is just a place to connect and share a piece of it. You will never know someone unless you spend days in and out with them. Anyone can put on a happy face for an afternoon cup of coffee.

Here is a moment of struggle... training two kids under the age of 5 with another on the way is tough. They don't do what you want (even with bribery-ha!). I moved Lance's hands away from his eyes but he still squinted his eyes shut and turned his head aside. There was NO WAY he wanted his picture taken. Seeing this picture made me think about these things and I wanted to share. Life isn't perfect. It's just life.


Kathy said...

AMEN! You hit the nail on the head ... in fact I'm going to share something similar at MOMS next month. ;)

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Haha well, I think you know already that I love this post! Well said!

Anna's Yellow House said...

Thanks for this post. I wish we lived closer so I could spend more time hanging out in your kitchen. In case you missed my FB post, save some time in May (between the 14th & 20th) to hang out.

Anonymous said...

Very well spoken Mary!!!!